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About the Job Team Advisors guide students through their NSLC experience. Each TA is responsible for a small group of 12-16 students. TAs generally work either half or whole summers. A half summer is typically one month. As a TA, you will: lead small group discussions and debriefs, teach academic and leadership sessions, assist Administrative staff, Professors and Leadership Facilitators with program components, serve as a chaperone during off-campus trips and evening social activities, and reside in the dormitory on the same floors as students, serving as a Resident Advisor. Before applying to be a Team Advisor, please note: Team Advisors are generally current college sophomores – seniors. Current freshman are generally considered for one of our Intern positions, called Assistant Team Advisors. Applicants should be familiar with all program specific information posted on this site. NSLC has a primary focus on leadership development. Applicants should have leadership experience and/or training. Our programs include TA-led sessions that require appropriate educational backgrounds and work/volunteer/intern experience. If hired, applicants will receive a stipend as well as housing and food for the duration of the summer. NSLC will cover traveling to and from the site. Visit our website for the job application or click on the link below:

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