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This is entry level professional forensic analysis work that requires the analysis of forensic evidence in a crime laboratory setting. Employees examine and analyze evidence from simple to moderately complex casework, make judgments and testify in court as necessary to explain and defend their findings. This position is located in the Trace Unit. Disciplines in the Trace Unit include: Fire Debris Analysis, Fiber Analysis, Tape Analysis, Filament Analysis, Glass Analysis, Gunshot Residue Analysis, Hair Comparisons, Paint Analysis, and Physical Match Analysis. This position will attain proficiency in a minimum of one specialty area.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Trace Evidence – Bachelor’s degree with a major in chemistry, textile chemistry, physical science, forensic science with chemistry concentration (organic, inorganic, analytical, physical), biochemistry, forensic anthropology or closely related curriculum from an appropriately accredited institution; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.Management preference:  two years of related experience.

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