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This recruitment is being used to fill a Forensic Scientist 1 (FS1) with Idaho State Police Forensic Services (ISPFS). The FS1 is an entry-level position that works under the direct supervision of a more experienced Forensic Scientist. The FS1 position could be converted to a Forensic Scientist 2 (FS2) position upon successful completion of a specified training program and approximately two (2) years in a FS1 position per ISP approval.

Responsibilities:  Conduct complex examinations for evidence and develop analytical findings  Follow analytical methods and the quality and safety procedures  Check that the report issued for analysis they perform is accurate  Perform examinations following defined analytical methods and other quality standards  Maintain established standards of laboratory cleanliness, safety, and efficiency  May provide assistance at complex crime scenes and/or clandestine laboratories  Train police officers in processing and collection of evidence and controlled substance, blood, or breath alcohol procedures

Minimum Qualifications: A baccalaureate degree in physical science, natural science, forensic science, or a closely related field and all required science courses for the assigned work discipline.

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