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The Department of Public Safety is recruiting for a Forensic Scientist II/III DNA flex to join our team committed to public safety through public service.

This position is part of the Alaska State Crime Lab and a Forensic Scientist II –DNA is required to maintain and demonstrate proficiency in at least one Forensic Biology subdiscipline; either biological screening or DNA casework analysis.

A Forensic Scientist III – DNA is the journeyman level of the Forensic Scientist series, and is required to maintain and demonstrate proficiency in two or more Forensic Biology subdisciplines; Biological screening, DNA casework analysis, DNA database analysis.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in biology, chemistry, or forensic science related studies which includes a minimum of 3 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in each of the subject categories: biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology or other closely related courses.
Training or coursework in statistics as it relates to DNA analysis.
The successful completion of the State of Alaska flexible staffing plan for the DNA discipline.
One year of experience as a Forensic Scientist I with the State of Alaska or the equivalent with another employer.

For more information, see Forensic Scientist II/III

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