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Dominique Wormley (B.S.’15/B), a senior IT project manager at Jacobs, a consultancy located in northern Virginia, stays busy outside of his 9-to-5 job. He recently launched a candle business, Dom Suede, and is a member of VCU Alumni’s Recent Graduate Council, where he helps plan alumni events in the near- and long-term future.

Speaking of alumni events, what have been some of your favorite DMV Chapter events?

I once hosted a watch party at Bar Bao in Arlington, Virginia, when VCU played George Mason University. I rekindled old friendships with people I hadn’t seen since graduation. 

What advice do you have for recent graduates? 

If possible, live with your parents for the first year or two to save as much money as possible. Once you’ve reached a sense of financial comfort and have a firm understanding of budgeting, make the necessary plans to move out of your parent’s place. 

Sticking to a desired career path is essential as well. In other words, if you plan on working in IT, don’t feel ashamed of temporarily working a job that is not in your field to use as a possible springboard or interim job, while applying to entry-level positions that are suitable for your desired career path.

What are your favorite restaurants in the DMV area?

I like to believe I have an ideal palette, but my friends would probably say otherwise. Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia offer a multitude of restaurant options. Areas with a lot of restaurants that are finger-licking good are Shirlington, located in Alexandria, Old Town Alexandria, the Georgetown area, Logan Circle in D.C. and the Navy Yard in D.C. As far as my favorite brunch spot, I’d have to say Sequoia, located on Georgetown’s waterfront.

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