The “Global Trends of Diagnostics, Risk Assessment and Innovative Strategies for ECC Prevention” symposium  at the IADR meeting in South Africa was very well attended. There were presentations by M.O. Ukpong (Nigeria) on Early Childhood Caries as a Global Epidemic in developed and developing countries; Innovative Comprehensive CAMBRA Risk Assessment tool for Young children and caregivers by F.J. Ramos-Gomez (USA);  Early Intervention Strategies for young children and Primary teeth preventive efforts by S. Twetman (Denmark), and Genomic Determinants of Early Childhood Caries and promising innovative strategies by G. Kulkarni (Canada).

J.D.B Featherstone, moderated a panel discussion that covered topics including; promising interventions such as probiotics and other innovative interventions for ECC, early diagnosis and early treatment of ECC and minimally invasive tactics that focus on preempting the destruction of the tooth structure, preserve enamel and change the oral health profile and behavior of young children and caregivers.

At the groups business meeting, they celebrated their growth from 57 members in 2013 to approximately 300 members representing 32 countries in 2014.  The group discussed the need for sponsorship for keynote speeches and symposia with ambitions of obtaining funding for student awards and networking receptions. They concluded the meeting by recognizing the work of their inaugural President Dr Indru Puwani (USA) in advancing pediatric oral health research, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to the conduct of observational, investigational and translational pediatric oral health research, and providing  an international and cooperative forum to present and discuss pediatric oral health research.

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