How do you see your school in five years?

The VCU School of Dentistry needs your help in creating a vision of the school in 2018 and a strategic plan to achieve it.

In 2011, Virginia Commonwealth University implemented the university’s new strategic plan, Quest for Distinction. The School of Dentistry has asked Dr. Jim Schroeder to lead the efforts toward developing a five-year strategic plan that will reflect the priorities of Quest and move the school forward.

Dr. Schroeder, a 1976 alumnus, serves as an adjunct professor in the Department of General Practice and president of the consulting group Leadership By Design. Dr. Schroeder’s group will be meeting monthly with the school’s strategic planning committee to outline the critical pieces of the new vision and plan and chart its progress.

The 16-person strategic planning committee includes representation from the dental research community, the faculty, school and university administration, students, staff, alumni, patients, the greater dental community, legislators and citizens.

“The foundation of this process is that each of these stakeholder groups creating the strategic plan will take ownership and have the passion to carry it forth,” said Dr. Schroeder.

The planning process involves assessing progress of the school’s 2008-2013 strategic plan, looking at emerging trends that will define the school’s future, defining a vision for the school that addresses the most important of those trends and creating a road map for closing the gaps between the vision and current reality of the school.

Throughout the process, the strategic planning committee continues to engage and encourage feedback from the dental school community. Visit the 2018 Vision and Plan website to receive updates on the committees progress, to read about key trends and to voice your input.

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