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The VCU Health Hub at 25th was featured in VCU’s Valentine’s Day round-up of ways the VCU community is “sharing the love” to create thoughtful moments during the pandemic.

Volunteers cut cloth from a bolt of fabric at the VCU Health Hub at 25th.

Last year the VCU Center for Community Engagement and Impact held three mask-making kit assembly events at the VCU Health Hub at 25th to benefit the community. The last one took place as part of the 9/11 Day of Service. Volunteers included employees and students.

Volunteers used large bolts of fabric and elastic to create kits for the Richmond-area community of people making masks since the start of the pandemic. In order to make it easier for the sewers, volunteers cut the fabric in 8-by-8-inch squares and assembled the kits with all the supplies they would need.

Volunteers prepared enough kits over the three events to make more than 3,500 masks. One of the organizers was professor Patricia Brown in the VCU School of Arts, who coordinated the community sewers and had the masks delivered to art center Studio Two Three, which then distributed them.

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