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In the fall of 2020, Virginia Commonwealth University Service-Learning released its data dashboard. The Service-Learning Data Dashboard (SLDD) is a robust, public-facing digital platform that provides access to university service-learning data and visually illustrates the impact of experiential learning opportunities on student success. VCU Service-Learning is housed in the VCU Center for Community Engagement and Impact (CEI). 

The SLDD provides data visualizations that increase access and understanding of the impact of experiential education, like service-learning. The dashboard houses decades-worth of service-learning data, including data sets collected from students, faculty and community partners. All data can be filtered to illustrate impact from the university to the department and unit levels over time and segmented by demographic details.

“Student retention data collected across the past 10 years consistently demonstrate that VCU undergraduates who take service-learning courses graduate at higher rates than do students who do not take service-learning courses,” notes Lynn Pelco, associate vice provost for community engagement and director of the VCU service-learning office.

The SLDD utilizes interactive data visualization to make data sets and trends easier to understand and more accessible. 

“We hope that the Service-Learning Data Dashboard will help VCU faculty and administrators better understand the impact of service-learning on student success in their academic programs so that they can strategically increase the positive impacts of this experiential education opportunity within their departments, schools and colleges,” said Katie Elliott, associate director of the VCU service-learning office. 

For questions about the Service-Learning Data Dashboard, VCU Service-Learning or other experiential learning details, please contact VCU Service-Learning at

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