Showing through May 2022

A collection of digital and traditional work from the Class of 2022, Communication Arts graduating students.

All of the work shown and more will be on display during the CommArts Senior Expo, April 8 through April 9, located in the Richmond Salons in the Student Commons. Come by for a chance to meet this year’s Communication Arts graduates as they showcase their work and offer goods for sale. 

The exhibit features: 
Rae Alberts
Matt Bennett
Anastasia Caron
Maggie Colangelo
Yumika Fushimi
Nick Garnhart
Emil Georges
Cloud Guillen
Ryan Heaton
Kayli LaMontagne
Aurola Liu
KT Nowak
TT Rex
Shaina Sembria
Seulgi Smith
Sarah Taylor
Mathew Lily Vogel
Noah Wilson

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