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18 students in Professor Bob Kaputof’s Video III class in the Kinetic Imaging department created videos and animations for the Cabell Screen as part of a class project in March. Kinetic Imaging is a department in VCU’s School of the Arts that focuses on work made within the disciplines of video, animation and sound. The experimental video class, comprised of juniors and seniors in the Kinetic Imaging department, began by looking at examples of public art and large-scale video work. Each student considered the unusual parameters of the Cabell Screen, including the nature of the LED pixel grid and the absence of sound, when producing their pieces.

The students are listed below with their major and expected graduation year.

The Cabell Screen welcomes ideas for more class projects that use the screen: Contact the committee at for more information.

  • Sundos Ajaj, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Maya Baumgartner, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Renee Crozier, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Kaitlyn Finch, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Thomas Harris, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Melanie Huey, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Jessye Jairrels, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Kaitlyn Lee, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Riley Mason, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Johanna Meehan, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Lily McCarthy, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Odile Postic, Kinetic Imaging and Creative Writing and Art History Double Minor, 2019
  • Adilene Ramirez, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Schyler Vedros, Kinetic Imaging, 2018
  • Emily Wolver, Kinetic Imaging, 2019
  • Sheena Zeng,  Kinetic Imaging and World studies, french, 2019


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