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One step ahead of Zoom fatigue, VCU professor launches a podcast

When VCU invited faculty to reimagine online learning, one trailblazing, collaborative professor became a podcast host!

Newly endowed scholarship celebrates diversity in marketing and sales

After 34 years of friendship, Dennis Elwell surprised his Verizon mentor Eric Cevis with a scholarship in his name.

Grateful VCU alumnus “pays it forward” by voluntarily creating online courses in the midst of pandemic

A collaboration to create professionally produced ecourses for students thrust into an online learning environment.

VCU expert panel discusses COVID-19 disruptions to supply chain

VCU School of Business professors answered a wide variety of questions about COVID-19 disruptions during Facebook Live.

2019-2020 School of Business Department of Marketing award winners

Each year the VCU School of Business departments recognize the outstanding achievements of select students.

Class of 2020: Business grad Radha Kapadia is a student of many passions

From fashion to politics to technology, Kapadia’s curiosity and a willingness to explore led her to new experiences.

Coronavirus updates

View VCU's latest COVID-19 (Coronavirus) updates and resources.

‘They are excited to have a voice’: VCU business faculty are helping entrepreneurs around the world develop their creative ideas

Michaela Bearden, and Katie Gilstrap are assisting women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia build their businesses.

VCU Academy of Selling prepares next generation of sales talent

Recent sales graduates credit VCU’s faculty, rigorous sales curriculum and opportunities, for volume of job offers.

Undergraduate marketing class dishes up data collection for the Health Hub

Student marketers delivered creative research solutions to VCU's new health education and wellness activity center.

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