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Author: Megan Nash

As February begins, the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Business commemorates Black History Month with exclusive content celebrating Black leadership, entrepreneurship and community in alignment with a year-long content initiative to recognize cultural heritage months and community contributions under the “Leading Voices” theme.

“‘Leading Voices,’ acknowledges the exceptional contributions and achievements made by our community to inspire future generations. For that purpose, we have curated a series of interactions with individuals, student organizations, community and alumni thought leaders throughout Black History Month that focus on leadership based on individual and collective experiences,” said Brian Brown, Ph.D., interim dean of the VCU School of Business.

“For our students and community members, these dialogues are an opportunity to impart lessons, stir pride and affirm the potential and the value in themselves,” said Brown.

VCU Business’ Black History Month activities were made possible by the partnerships of the VCU Business Office of Student Engagement (OSE), Business student groups and broader campus and community organizations. Here are the highlights of VCU Business’ Black History Month:

Stories & Conversations:

VCU Business’ Instagram and LinkedIn social media channels will be home to an exclusive leadership series aimed at spotlighting the stories of individuals and student organizations who challenge the traditional norms of leadership. The series, featuring a hybrid of in-person and virtual interviews, will highlight the idea that leadership can emerge from anywhere.

VCU and VCU Business campus groups, departments and Richmond community organizations represented: 

Special Events

February 22: Real Talk: Being Black in Business
The Office of Student Engagement (OSE), in partnership with the VCU Business Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, will host “Real Talk: Being Black in Business,” a VCU alumni panel focused on honest conversations surrounding identity, wellbeing and core themes around the world of business. Alumni will share how they have navigated the business world as Black entrepreneurs while providing sound insights and lessons learned.

For a full schedule of 2024 Black History Month events and activities across the broader VCU campus, visit the VCU Office of Multicultural Student Affairs website.

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