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Henry Clifford, CEO of LiveWire, came to speak to VCU Sales students about the “Top 10 Sales and Business Lessons Learned the Hard Way.”  Kicking off the topic with his own story of sales during his childhood years selling candy on the bus.

With a passion for learning about technology, he created his business Livewire. In 2014, Livewire was ranked #2303 in the Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. He then furthered his company in 2016 with Livewire for Business and Parasol 24/7 remote support. Later in 2017, his company was ranked #69 in CEPro Magazine’s Top 100 National Integrators.

The main portion of his presentation focused on the top 10 lessons he learned while creating his success.

10 – it ends like it begins.

9 – know when to shut up.

8 – emailing the proposal, somebody had to lose the job.

7 – buy low, sell high, collect early, and pay late.

6 – turning down the wrong business will attract the right customers.

5 – commitments are the lifeblood of any healthy sales effort.

4 – in a decision making scenario be sensitive to relationship.

3 – the guy who looks like a buy might has his own jet.

2 – scare them early so you are not wasting time.

1 – Nobody defaults to prospecting.

The open honesty and interactive presentation style that Mr. Clifford portrayed was equally as engaging as it was valuable. One of the students in attendance stated, “The substance of Mr. Clifford’s presentation was abundant in information on the key aspects to remember when it comes to marketing or running a business….Mr.Clifford choosing to present at VCU was enriching since I have never seen a CEO speak or present his views on a business nor their lessons learned.”

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