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You have so much to give! Now more than ever, VCU students need the support of connected, engaged alumni willing to mentor them as they enter the world of business. Through a series of questions, you’ll be matched with a student eager to hear your story and benefit from your educational and professional experiences. Throughout the semester, you can make an impact through networking and mentoring – as you shape the leaders of tomorrow. At the same time, you’ll be helping VCU become a stronger, more supportive community.

“When I first joined the mentoring program, I was confused on how to even start thinking about entering the business world. Being professional was intimidating to me. However, with clear directions and preparations, I now have a polished resume, practice with interviews, and multiple techniques to connect with others within my field of interest.”
E. Vannoy, current business student

Program name:   Business Mentoring Program (formerly BizConnect)
Program online platform:   VCU Link
Program dates:   September 2021 – April 2022
Program information:   Details here
Mentor sign up deadline:   Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Existing VCU Link members:   Sign up here
New to VCU Link:   Sign up here

Meanwhile, Career Conversations provides another, more focused career search tool. In this program, you speak to a student about your industry, answering questions which help to clarify the student’s goals and career plans. By providing your email on VCU Link, you enable students to contact you directly with specific questions or to set up a one-time meeting.

Program name:   Career Conversations
Program online platform:   VCU Link


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