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Calvin Price is an ideal student. He’s upbeat, charismatic and totally engaged in his studies. His excitement for the world around him is infectious, making him a natural leader amongst his peers at the School of Business.

We recently spoke with Calvin to learn about his experiences at VCU’s School of Business. Here’s what he had to say:

What is the relationship between the Office of Student Engagement and the students at the VCU School of Business?

One thing I can say about the Office of Student Engagement is that it really serves as a hub for professional development and student involvement, as well as providing fun, educational programs. The office really engages with students, and they really want to make sure that you’re putting the best foot forward. They help you take what you’re learning from a classroom setting and apply that to real-life experiences.

In what ways does the Office of Student Engagement interact with students?

One of the programs they have is called the Black and Gold Breakout Sessions. It’s workshops where guest speakers talk about certain soft skills and certain things that you wouldn’t think were important but are. So, some of the sessions are on how to form a LinkedIn profile and how to make it look more attractive, how to assess your top strengths and interpret them in the business world, how to dress for success and dressing for a job interview.

How is VCU’s School of Business preparing you for life beyond college?

They have another program called First 100 Days, and that’s a panel where they invite alumni to talk about their first 100 days on the job. That was really good for me while I was still a senior. I’m about to go into the real world and experience all these things. To get insight from people who are living it now is really beneficial.

How does the School of Business help you expand your network?

They host something called BOSS Day. That’s an acronym for Business Organizations and Student Services. It’s a day where students can meet different representatives who work within the School of Business. It’s kind of like the SOVO Fair for the university but specifically for the School of Business, so you can mingle with other people in the university with similar interests.

What can you tell us about your experience at The da Vinci Center?

I received my undergraduate Certificate in Product Innovation through The da Vinci Center. It’s an interdisciplinary program that combines the School of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Humanities and Sciences, and the School of the Arts. One thing I like is that you get to see things from different points of view. Coming from a business background, I’m more concerned with logistics. But, somebody from the School of Arts might be into the big picture, while somebody from Humanities and Sciences might be into the emotion. A student from the College of Engineering might develop plans. Taking all of those skills and strengths then bringing them together to solve a problem, that’s creativity in action.

How do you think that experience will help you get to where you’re trying to go after VCU?

I think it’s very helpful. One thing about VCU is that the diversity here is incredible. Not just with race but with language, culture, background, sexual identity — all these things. I think it’s really important because wherever I end up, I’ll be able to adapt to my surroundings and adapt to the people I’m talking to because of a campus like VCU and a program like the da Vinci Center.


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