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VOLUNTEER.  “Even before I gave money, I gave by volunteering as a mentor with the Ram to Ram program. I didn’t partake in mentoring when I was a student, but now I can see the benefit of getting a leg up on general knowledge of the business world.”

Eric Rowsey graduated in 2013 with a BS in Information Systems. Today he’s a Senior Scrum Master at CarMax, acting as the facilitator for a team of software developers. In his spare time, he enjoys music, cycling and volunteering for VCU. Rowsey says he’s had some great mentors along the way and now likes being a mentor himself. He thinks the fact that he is a recent graduate makes him more credible with students.

GIVE. “I saw how money might make sense. What inspired me to give was wanting to help further the Ram to Ram Program. Now I do it from time to time as I have the ability, even though the amount isn’t exorbitantly high.”

Rowsey likes the fact that he can earmark his gift for a certain purpose. He considers himself “a charitable person” in general, but feels a direct connection when he can help finance a program like Ram to Ram, so vital to student success. He sees his monetary donations at work every time he volunteers.

MAXIMIZE. “I was fortunate enough to have no loans when I graduated, but even so, being able to take advantage of CarMax benefits makes it sort of like free money. They not only match my donation but also give $10 for every hour I volunteer.”

CarMax is known for giving back to the community, and matching donor dollars makes a big impact. Rowsey more than doubles his donation, thanks to his employer’s generosity. While other companies do match charitable gifts, the CarMax additional reward of dollars per volunteer hour maxes out even the most modest gift. In fact, Rowsey calls it one of the very best perks of his job.

Photo caption: Eric Rowsey, left, with fellow alumnus Isiah Harvin at a recent Investors Circle event.

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