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How do I check my COVA HealthAware HRA balance?

Employees in in COVA HealthAware have a Commonwealth-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (“HRA”) as part of their health plan.  To check your HRA balance, log in to Aetna Navigator at and check the balance in your health fund. If you and/or your covered spouse have earned do-right credits for completing eligible health-related activities, you will see […]

What happens to my state health coverage when I retire?

Faculty and staff who retire with a Virginia Retirement System (VRS) defined benefit, and faculty covered by the VCU Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) who meet the age and service requirements for a VRS defined benefit under the VRS plan for which they were eligible at the time they elected the ORP, are eligible for the state retiree health benefits program as long […]

Making health plan changes outside of open enrollment

Open enrollment is the only time each year when faculty and staff can make changes to their health plans and covered family members for any reason or no reason at all.  During the rest of the year, changes can only be made if the participant experiences a “qualifying mid-year event” that allows changes.  For the […]

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