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“How to Apply Workshop Series” with the National Scholarship Office

Check out a brand new 5-week workshop series for VCU juniors, seniors, grad students and alumni planning to apply for a Fulbright award or another postgraduate scholarship! This series will prepare participants to tackle applications for major postgraduate scholarships, in particular the Fulbright student grant, the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Gates Cambridge Scholarships, and the […]

Looking for Scholarships?

The Department of Business Services offers a variety of scholarships, all funded through key campus business partners and revenues generated from departmental programs. This spring, they will award up to 46 different scholarships in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $7,500. Applications can be submitted here and are due by Friday, February 19. 

Boomerang Program – Fall 2019 Reading Day


Enjoying your time here at VCUarts? Think it would be cool if you could tell your former high school art class about it and get a $200 scholarship? Then the VCUarts Arts Advocacy Program is for you! VCUarts Arts Advocacy Program (aka the Boomerang Program) helps high school students learn about our programs while offering […]

Arts Courses Open to Non-Majors


For anyone that is looking for an interesting course to fill out your schedule, you may want to peruse the attached lists of courses open to non-majors.  If you have any questions at all about how these will fulfill requirements, please reach out to your advisor!  Fall 2019 Arts Classes Open to Non-Majors

Scholarship Applications Now Open for Undergraduate and Graduate Arts Students


I’m pleased to let students know VCUarts is now accepting applications for the scholarships below! All application materials should be submitted by end of day Monday, September 30th, 2019.  Detailed information can be found at  The links provided below will take you directly to each online application. Good luck! $1,210 Covington Scholarship Open to […]

VCUarts Fulbright Information Sessions: April 16, 17 & 18, 2019

The Fulbright is an incredible opportunity for graduates to conduct research internationally with financial support.  It may sound like a crazy impossible thing, but arts students really are tremendously successful in this opportunity.  The process is long, but is tremendously supportive which results in very strong applications.  Please consider it, it’s wonderful!  More from our […]