Boomerang Program – Fall 2019 Reading Day


Enjoying your time here at VCUarts? Think it would be cool if you could tell your former high school art class about it and get a $200 scholarship? Then the VCUarts Arts Advocacy Program is for you!
VCUarts Arts Advocacy Program (aka the Boomerang Program) helps high school students learn about our programs while offering current students scholarships. Visit your high school during Reading Day (October 18) or during fall or winter break to tell students about your experience and earn a $200 scholarship!

How to Apply
Submit this form by 5pm on October 7.
You will be notified of your selection for the program by October 9. If selected, you will need to attend a training session on October 10.
Make It Real for students at your former high school. Apply to the Boomerang program today!