Resilience Lab at the Wellness Resource Center: Open for Business

Wellness Resource Center

The Wellness Resource Center (also called The Well) is providing a new opportunity for students, centered on building resiliency.  For many of us, this does not come naturally, and can take some practice and refinement.  Now as as good of a time as any to start!  An overview of this opportunity is below, and if you have questions, contact the Wellness Resource Center directly.  Enjoy!

This year our main focus is to meet students where they are and provide support and education to our students in a holistic way.
  • The Resilience Lab is currently open and we are accepting referrals and drop ins. There are a few ways in which students can interact with us in the lab.
    • Self Guided Bio Feedback – Students do can self-guided biofeedback sessions, students will work through web-based modules to learn about mindfulness based stress reduction and will utilize our HeartMath biomedical feedback technology. Students will utilize their heart rhythm as well as several breathing techniques, students will engage in practical exercises to increase their wellness, decrease their stress levels, and increase their overall resilience. These will be utilized on a first come, first serve basis. Above each computer is instructions for self-guided if you would like to do this.
    • 1:1 biofeedback session will allow students to work individually with a member of the Wellness Resource Center staff to identify sources of stress, problem solve ways to reduce stress, and practice relaxation techniques with our biofeedback software. HRV Biofeedback technology allows students to see, understand, and control how their emotional state (stressed, angry, grateful, peaceful) influences their physiological well-being. We use the HeartMath emWave Pro 2 program to monitor physical responses in heart rate variability. Students will be able to work 1:1 with our staff to learn how stress affects their body and how to reduce it.
    • Wednesdays at 2:30pm, we offer 20 minute guided mindfulness sessions for students.
    • Thursdays we provide an hour and a half resilience workshop from 3:30-5:00pm, that focuses on stress, mindfulness, coping, and tools to stay well.
To view our calendar and see open lab times follow the link below and look for spaces marked Open Lab Times. (Students will be able to do Self Guided Bio Feedback during these times). Also, if students would like to schedule an appointment they can click on open appointment time slots with each staff member via the calendar.