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IOS or Android: Which one to prioritize for your first business app

Mobile app development is the creation and continuous up-gradation of the front end software run on the user mobile phones. Various apps are designed according to different operating/hosting platforms, for example Android, IOS etc. Building apps for IOS has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. Today Apple’s app store boasts of 1.85 million apps for […]

How Much Stuff Should You Have In Your Store?

As a business, it’s important to ensure that you have plenty of inventory on hand to meet the needs of your customers. However, if you have more inventory that your customers will want to purchase over the next hour, day or week, it could go to waste. Let’s take a look at some different strategies […]

Tips For Business Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is often a tiresome and long process. Legal teams are not always able to provide a clear objective and thus lead negotiations inefficiently. The situation is further complicated when the two sides fight over the smallest details in an effort to get the best deal for themselves. The truth is negotiations don’t have […]

Selling Your Car? Take Outstanding Pictures with Your iPhone

If you’ve ever browsed online listings, you’ve probably come across something you liked and clicked to see more photos, only to be disappointed. Maybe all the seller put was one picture or several blurry photos taken with a low-quality phone camera. Needless to say, you didn’t buy the product. Low-quality images make products less appealing […]

Is it safe to travel to Egypt after COVID-19?

Within the current situation the world is living, Egypt remains one of the few travel destinations that offer true safety against the virus. Throughout the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Egypt has always stood its ground and was able to face every challenge over the next and prevail plus learn from each encounter. Egypt […]

More Treatment Options For Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Until recently, metastatic prostate cancer was considered deadly and there was nothing medicine could offer about it. Today, physicians have a huge choice of modern treatment methods in the arsenal. With their help, it is possible to prolong patients’ life and significantly improve its quality even at advanced stages of prostate cancer. European hospitals are […]

How Do I Hire a Content Writer for My Website?

This is where you stop dwelling on whether a content writer is a right option for your business. Freelance content writers are outstanding writers that bring your business’s voice to reality with their exceptional writing skills. Content writers have a way with words, whether it’s to promote your product or services or show your thought […]

How Tenant Screening Helps Landlords Find Great Renters

When it comes to your rental business, tenant screening is quite possibly the most important thing you do. No matter how nice your building is, a bad tenant can destroy it. No matter how steady your cash flow is, even a few bad tenants can severely disrupt it. In contrast, a good renter makes your […]

How to ace the interview

Intro So I guess you clicked on this link so you can get through your firefighter interview. Here in the article we’re gonna go through the following Firefighter interview questions How to prepare for a firefighter interview and to be firefighter General interview tips I do hope that this set of subjects will be enough […]

Access To The Best Value Education Is Finally More Globally Inclusive

Throughout the years, education has been through more than its fair share of challenges and tribulations. However, this is also an essential industry but has always been willing and able to put in the work to advance and enhance along with the way of the world at any given time. In recent years especially, it […]

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