Mobile app development is the creation and continuous up-gradation of the front end software run on the user mobile phones. Various apps are designed according to different operating/hosting platforms, for example Android, IOS etc. Building apps for IOS has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. Today Apple’s app store boasts of 1.85 million apps for it’s IOS users. These include iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, smart apple tv, apple watch and many more. The programming languages that support IOS are Swift and Objective-C.

Objective-C is an object oriented-programming language whereas Swift, a general-purpose, multi-paradigm language designed in 2014, is quite in demand. According to the TIOBE Index for December 2020 it is the 10th most popular language and may replace Objective-C in future. 

IOS app development softwares allows developers to create an app without using codes, leading to shorter development lifecycles and the agility to improve/evolve faster. There are many such softwares like Buildfire, Zoho creator, Swing 2App, etc. that offer developmental ease and expertise. IOS app development offers a smooth way of working clubbed with huge growth opportunities. Techahead, voted as a  top mobile app development company offers not only the app development services across platforms but also the data based insights to choose the right platform to start.

Benefits of IOS app development over android are:

  1. Experience: Mostly approx 56% of people remove apps from their phone within the first week of downloading due to User Experience issues. Apple apps work smoothly as compared to many android applications. This brings advantage and a great success to the Apple market.
  1.  Development Expense: With the help of swift language it is now easier to develop apps for IOS . Unlike IOS, android apps are tested on various screens and devices leading to complications and incurs huge cost.
  1. Promising Security: 71% of fraud transactions were made through mobile in 2018. Apple, providing high level security for its users makes it more reliable and tough to breach. Touch ID and face Id security, magic keyboard with touch ID, pass codes, passwords etc. are some of elements vouched by IOS. 
  1. Wider Market: Apple offers a huge market in different nations with greater exposure to a niche target market, often accused of being ‘elitist’. With a smaller market in comparison to android, users are willing to spend more. Top app development companies that want their client to pay may go for app development for the IOS operating system. 
  2. Loyal client Base: Despite being a capturer of a fairly smaller market, Apple enjoys much  more promising and loyal customers. Apps designed for the IOS operating system also get to witness the same loyalty.

It’s fairly evident that iOS is the platform of the future. Just think about this: in 2008, when the first iteration of the Apple App Store launched, users would find only 500 apps there. A decade later, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that there were 20 million registered developers on iOS who made around $100 billion in revenue while catering to some 500 million weekly visitors to the App Store. And all that serves only Apple devices. 

Together with Android, IOS will continue to be a leading mobile development platform. With the total number of IOS apps surpassing the 2 million mark, it has become essential for developers to keep a close eye on IOS app development company trends.