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Highlights and resources for Adobe Creative Cloud users at VCU.

Adobe is pleased to invite VCU faculty to their new free webinar series that’s all about creativity in Higher Education. Their faculty presenters will cover the essentials of impactful presentations, podcasting, data visualization, and how Adobe skills can support student outcomes.

Check out the series page and sign up for whatever interests you. The kickoff session is Aug. 18, and sign-ups have already begun!

Regardless of discipline or expertise, Adobe is excited to support your professional development through their accredited badging program.

These lightweight, interactive, 60-minute sessions will incorporate hands-on modules, and shed light on how other educators are incorporating Adobe for Edu tools in their teaching. Built by educators for educators, Adobe can’t wait to help students unlock high-impact learning — and save you some valuable time.

  • August 18: Digital Research Papers with Adobe Express
  • September 1: Academic Videos and Podcasts with Adobe Rush
  • September 22: Research Journals with Adobe InDesign
  • October 13: Infographics and Data Visualization
  • October 27: Career Branding Portfolio with Adobe Express and Adobe Portfolio
  • November 17: Composing Academic Images with Adobe Express and Adobe Photoshop
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